Folk duo’s new album goes live

Sleaford-based folk music duo Winter Wilson are set to release their ninth album in August - and this one will feature their latest live set recorded during their winter tour with Fairport Convention.
Winter Wilson - Live & Unconventional. EMN-190807-132633001Winter Wilson - Live & Unconventional. EMN-190807-132633001
Winter Wilson - Live & Unconventional. EMN-190807-132633001

The pair were invited to appear as special guests on the tour in 2018 after recording their best-selling album, Far Off On The Horizon.

The tour was a huge success culminating in playing with Fairport on the stage at the Cropredy Convention.

The couple, Dave Wilson and Kip Winter, went full-time as musicians seven years ago when both faced redundancy and have never looked back, touring the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia.

What sets them apart is their live performances.

Kip said: “When people pay their hard-earned money for a concert, they want to hear good music, obviously, but it’s more than that. Some of our songs can be pretty hard hitting, so it’s important that the bits in between lift people up again.”

Dave adds: “It has been suggested that we go into stand-up comedy. I’m not sure whether the chap thought we were really funny, or he just didn’t like the songs. Either way, it’s just what we do.

“We both like a laugh, often at each other’s expense, and it tends to come out on stage. It’s not rehearsed; it just happens.”

This lead to their new album, Live & Unconventional. The singer/songwriters are joined on three tracks by members of Fairport Convention, but most of the time the listener is treated to the vocal and instrumental talents of Kip and Dave, singing some of their huge original repertoire. There is also a cover - Sandy Denny’s It’ll Take A Long Time.

It will be officially launched at Fairport’s Cropredy Convention in August and Winter Wilson will be touring Canada in September.