Mix of folk and rock with Celtic flavour at Faldingworth

Since their reformation in 2004 The Bully Wee Band have had no trouble proving they are still a force to be reckoned with.

Bully Wee Band EMN-170501-083053001
Bully Wee Band EMN-170501-083053001

They remain one of Britain’s foremost exponents of acoustic folk/rock music with a distinctive Celtic flavour and on January 25 they will performing live at Faldingworth Memorial Hall.

Originally formed by John and Jim Yardley, The Bully Wee Band successfully toured Britain, Europe and America through several line up changes calling it a day in 1983.

Two decades passed and a chance meeting led to the decision to put the band back on the road in January 2004.

This was so successful they decided to repeat the experience in 2005, this time joined by original member Jim Yardley.

They have toured every January since.

The Faldingworth show starts at 8pm, with tickets £10 from 01522 535770.