Planning begins for Sleaford Live festival in 2022

Plans are beginning to come together for the upcoming Sleaford Live Festival in 2022 after an enforced break due to covid lockdowns.

The Pressure Drop performing at Watergate Yard during Sleaford Live in 2019. EMN-201117-172643001
The Pressure Drop performing at Watergate Yard during Sleaford Live in 2019. EMN-201117-172643001

Although there may still be some hesitation about getting back to “normal”, organisers of the town-wide music and arts festival feel that, by April, there will be more optimism and desire to lift our spirits once again.

The festival is pencilled in to run from Friday, April 29 until Sunday, May 8 across multiple venues.

Violet Hill, from the organising team, said: “Sleaford is a town full of talented musicians and young people learning to play music of different genres. It would be a shame not to encourage this interest and give them a chance to improve their skills and to be seen by other people.

“Unlike previous years, booklets will be replaced by leaflets showing the different events happening all over the town and in other areas. It will be encouraged in many local villages which had become used to organising their own events.

“Although we feel that some of the business community has been hit badly during this pandemic, we realise that several are still pleased to be able to sponsor things like the street banner and road signs and we are happy to accept their generosity.”

As well as the usual bands and other entertainments ready to pick up where they left off, they would also like to have more input from local schools which encourage drama, music and singing in their curriculum.

“We will be expecting the usual junior school choirs which have in the past been happy to perform in the Riverside Church,” said Vi. This has already been arranged for Saturday, May 7.

They are hoping that the Sleaford Hub Writers will be ready once more to participate with their poetry readings and stories alongside opportunities to listen to the ‘Unplugged’ sessions of acoustic performers which have already been testing their nerves in the Hub.

“We look forward to hearing from you with your enquiries and suggestions,” said Vi, inviting messages with ideas and suggestions of plans for events at venues via the Sleaford Live Festival Facebook page.