Post-Brexit future in play coming to Boston

An immersive one-woman cabaret in English, Polish and Esperanto is coming to Blackfriars Theatre and Arts Centre, in Boston.
Get involved in one-woman cabaret coming to Boston.Get involved in one-woman cabaret coming to Boston.
Get involved in one-woman cabaret coming to Boston.

Margot Przymierska stars in Wesele/Wedding at the Spain Lane venue next Saturday, July 6, from 8pm.

Wesele/ Wedding has been developed and directed by Patrizia Paolini.

A show spokesman said: “Wesele / Wedding is a participatory cabaret extravaganza rooted in the European tradition of absurdist political comedy with a Polish-English love story at heart.

“It’s the last Polish-English wedding before the Brexit-imposed borders close around the UK, sealing it off from the rest of Europe.

“The MC invites the guests to take part in wedding games and Disco Polo singalongs in a bid to keep the international community together.

“She needs this wedding to go off without a hitch – will she succeed?

“This comic (and at times dark) collage of authentic and fictional migrant stories told by a real-life wedding MC uses stand-up, storytelling and physical theatre modes to subverts cultural and gender stereotypes we are all imbued in.

Margot Przymierska says of the show: “Much of the piece feels personal to me.

“As a Polish artist who’s lived in London for 15 years, I want to imagine our shared post-Brexit future from both UK & European perspective and address the burning issue of lack of representation of East Europeans in the British mainstream.”

For tickets, call 01205 363108