Rock ‘n’ roll band adds Louth date to UK tour

High energy rock and roll band Porcelain Hill has added a last minute one-night date to their national Coast to Coast tour.

Porcelain Hill EMN-190606-224403001

This Friday, June 14, The Priory Hotel in Eastgate is gearing up for an open air concert to kick off a busy summer of live music and comedy from local and international artists.

Blending blues, soul, funk and punk, Porcelain Hill tantalise with their live performances - heavy guitar riffs, thunderous drums and a melodic bass line.

They formed in 2012 when guitarist Darnell ‘Big D’ Cole met Nat ‘Wildfire’ Campos.

The duo performed as a two piece for a couple years but felt something was missing.

After cycling through a few bass players, the band found Lucas ‘LZA’ Martinez, and really came together.

Tickets for the gig are available from The Priory on 01507 602930.