Sara Pascoe to perform latest stand-up show Success Story at Lincolnshire venue

Sara Pascoe

Comic ace Sara Pascoe (Photo credit: Rachel Sherlock)
Comic ace Sara Pascoe (Photo credit: Rachel Sherlock)

Lincoln Engine Shed, December 3.

The leading stand-up performer is back in the area soon with her latest live show Success Story.Success Story finds Sara happily married with a beautiful baby son.

The show will see Sara examine what it is to be successful, how we define it and how it feels when what we want eludes us.

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    Expect jokes about status, celebrities - plus Sara’s new fancy lifestyle versus infertility, her multiple therapists and career failures.

    Sara decided she wanted to be famous at 14 years old. Since then, she has auditioned for Barrymore, scared Pete Burns and ruined Hugh Grant’s birthday - but look at her now… (please look, she needs you to look.

    And clap. And laugh. And then clap again).

    Success Story will see Sara embark on the biggest and best tour of her life and she will be playing in parts of the UK and Ireland that she hasn’t performed at before.

    Details: For more on ticket availability, you can go to credit: Rachel Sherlock

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