See a history in the breaking

A unique exhibition featuring an archaeologist and an artist is at the National Centre for Craft and Design (NCCD) in Sleaford.

A pot smashing into pieces as it is dropped to the ground. EMN-170320-112848001

The exhibition involves experimental artist Syann van Niftrik, as well as an archaeologist, a filmmaker and potter.

The potter has made two identical vessels, with some noticeably different features.

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The vessels have words spoken by the potter inscribed around the inner surface.

On the outside it is painted with oxides, with words spoken by the architect.

When both pieces are finished they were fired.

A key difference is that the second pot was then dropped.

The idea is for the archaeologist to gather the pieces and try and piece the pot back together.

The whole process is filmed, with the potter and the architect discussing their ideas.

Words from the film will then be written on the both pots.

It will be at the NCCD in the Roof Gallery Exchange Space until Sunday, May 14.

The project evolved through Creativity and Craft Production in the Bronze Age (CinBA) under the umbrella of Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA).

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