VIDEO & 360 PHOTO: Mik Artistik hits right notes with piano shop painting exhibition

Yorkshire's own Glastonbury performer and brown paper bag artist Mik Artistik is now hitting the right notes at the region's top piano store - with his new portraits exhibition.

Magic People is a series of portraits of strangers, everyday heroes, who he got to know in and around the region.

His work, in mixed media, is now on show - until June 6, 2016 - at Besbrode Pianos in Holbeck Leeds.

Mik, who is performing on stage again at Glastonbury this year, is well know in the area for the portraits he penned in pubs and clubs on brown paper bags. He's not ruled out a follow up exhibition of those.

The portraits in his latest exhibition, for sale at around £800 each, are being displayed on walls around the Besbrode store in Holbeck Lane - a showroom to around 300 pianos.

It ships to many customers as far away as China and celebrity clients have included Oasis and, recently, Jeniifer Lopez bought a piano from there.

The exhibition, which may lead to others, is also to improve the culture of the area which has had its fair share of bad publicity due to prostitution issues.

Holbeck has been in the news in recent months over the decision to turn it into Britain’s first managed red light area, where police effectively turn a blind eye to prostitution between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

Pianio store owner Melvin Besbrode says the exhibition will show another, more positive side to the area.