VIDEO - Boom boom! Basil and kids TV legends film festive music video at country house near Sleaford

Children’s television royalty including Muffin the Mule, Mr Blobby, Hacker The Dog and the cast of Rainbow turned up at a country house near Sleaford to help comedy fox Basil Brush to shoot the video to accompany his charity festive single.

The project has been devised with local musician, songwriter and director, Chris Clark, who has penned the song and directed the video on location over three days last week at Rauceby Hall, by kind permission of owner Jonny Hoare.Chris previously worked with the famous fox to direct a video for his cover of White Christmas and he has made several solo and collaborative attempts, with some success, but this time wrote “Boom Boom, it’s Christmas again” to offer to Basil who said: “Yes”.Proceeds will be split between Save the Children and Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice.

“I am so proud to have written this song for my childhood hero, so I have my heart set on making this a success,” Chris said.“It combines two of my fascinations - trying to get a Christmas hit and children’s TV through the years. There is something magical about puppets and animation and there is a lot of creativity that goes into kids’ shows.

“I am also keen to involve young and local talent, in order to provide aspiring musicians, singers, film makers and actors with valuable experience, working on a high profile project,” Chris added.

Basil Brush, Hacker The Dog, George, Zippy and Bungle on the set of Rainbow for the music video.

Having wrapped up the filming he said the experience had been “absolutely fantastic” with memorable chaotic moments including Mr Blobby demolishing a Christmas tree and roaring around on a quad bike, while George and Zippy from Rainbow had the whole crew collapsing with laughter.

"There was a real buzz from everyone and have had some amazing feedback from the performers.”

Chris and a team of volunteers worked into the wee small hours constructing the set from Rainbow in an upstairs room of the hall, as well as using another room for a ‘green screen’ and shooting more scenes indoors and in the amazing grounds of the hall.

Jonny Hoare said: “I was totally up for it. The more we can do for film and theatre using the space is a wonderful thing.

Mr Blobby larking about in the gardens of Rauceby Hall.

"Next year we will be hosting two or three open air theatre productions.”

Donning a Father Christmas outfit, Basil was extremely upbeat about his chances of a top 10 spot, but admitted: “It is a bit warm to be dressed as Santa at Easter.”

In his hectic schedule he was also busy promoting the single during an appearance on ITV’s This Morning show while preparing for a ‘grown up’ tour, a spot at the Edinburgh Festival and possibly another showing at Glastonbury.

A regular on children’s TV from the ‘60s to the ‘80s, he still has an army of adoring fans. He said: “I’m wearing well – the key is to get refurbished now and then.

Filming in progress - complete with sleigh and snow machine!

"Chris and I have known each other a long time after he asked me to take part in a music video for his band.

"Then White Christmas was so amazing we did another with Mike Reid before Chris came up with this latest song.

"We have had a great laugh while raising money for a great cause and I’m sure this will be the first of many videos we will do together.

"In the video we go back in time to see my old TV friends from the sixties and seventies and relive my Christmasses. The song is going to be a real ‘ear worm’ too!”

Legendary basil Brush in festive gear.

Basil said although he had passed the area numerous times on the way to shows in Skegness, it was his first time visiting the Sleaford area and loved it, staying with fellow performers at Watergate Yard in town, where he made an appearance to show his appreciation.

The irrepressible Hacker The Dog travelled all the way from Wigan to take part. He said: “I’m very good friends with Basil Brush – we go to the same dry cleaners! We did a music video last year for Children in Need and Basil thought it would be good if I was in this one too. It will be on telly and on the radio and go virus! It is going to be a a great big Christmas hit!

"Zippy, George and Bungle are great and so is my friend Mr Blobby, as is Muffin the Mule. I’m not singing in it as they say I don’t have the vocal range, but I think I do!”

Zippy from Rainbow said it was fabulous to meet their old friends again too. “Muffin is a legend, I think he is about 80 years old.

"We did Children in Need last year and have done all sorts of clever music videos in our time.”

"We were on Top of the Pops,” added George.

Comedy gold with Basil and Hacker behind the scenes.

"I think this song is nice and is written by a very good song writer,” commented Zippy as they tipped it for Number One.

"We don’t sing in it, but we la la la.”

Mr Blobby said that he was glad to join in, answering the call from his TV chums whenever the opportunity arises.

An exact release is not yet confirmed but Chris expected something to take place around Christmas Jumper Day which is in aid of Save The Children and Basil predicted he would be happy with a number four in the charts.

Chris was grateful to all the businesses and individuals who have supported the project to help keep costs down, including the Tesco store which provided food and drink for the cast and crew.

Anyone still wishing to help can donate to: