WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO - Move over Baby Shark! Quirky kids’ song by Lincolnshire musican goes viral

A Sleaford singer/songwriter and film maker has released his answer to the worldwide success of the ‘Baby Shark’ song and it is already going viral around the globe.

NOT Baby Shark (See the little duck) by Dedboy.
NOT Baby Shark (See the little duck) by Dedboy.

Chris Clark (aka Dedboy) has previously created a Christmas song with William Alvey School, an independent film featuring film and TV celebrities and collaborated on a music video with Basil Brush.

He created his new children’s song and video, called NOT Baby Shark (See The Little Duck), in about 10 days and posted it on Youtube, Facebook and music download sites. It has already reached 500,000 views on Facebook and climbing.

Chris said: “After the Baby Shark phenomenon I thought I would write something for my kids to listen to, so they don’t annoy me with that song any more. I borrowed my kids’ crayons and pencils to devise the characters and put an animated video together on my computer. Now it is nice to hear the kids singing my song.”

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    NOT Baby Shark (See the little duck) by Dedboy.

    He said the video has been picked up by a couple of viral video sites which have shared it around the world.

    “Hopefully it will hit a million views,” he said. “I have always wanted to get into kids’ entertainment and this is a good kickstart.”

    So far, parents have either loved it or loathed it, but he has had contact from someone in Toronto, Canada, wanting to work with him in children’s entertainment and it has also been liked by Sting’s former record producer.

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