SOfa so good - fans enjoy festival at home

A second production from the SOfa Festival is set to be broadcast this weekend.

If you are missing the So Festival you can still watch productions online. The feature pictured was from 2018 in Skegness.

The annual SO Festival, which is a popular attraction for visitors in Skegness and along the coast was, cancelled this year due to Covid-19 restrictions.

However, organisers have launched SOfa Fest online - an international event in partnership with PASSAGE Festival that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own sofa.

The first piece ‘Skirmish over Skegness’ went out on August 1 during the first live weekend.

The second one 'The Fastest Ever Singer’ will be dropped today (Friday) and next Saturday it will be ‘The Showman, the Diver and the Padre’.

Then on August 22 ‘A Miner Liberation’ will go out during the second live weekend.

'The Fastest Ever Singer’ was written and conceived by Benjamin Peel and produced by Breakwater Theatre.

It is part of a series of Yesteryear Plays written by Benjamin Peel and made available courtesy of Ragged Foils Productions.

They called the Skegness-born woman featured the fastest singer in the Garden.

From her dressing room, opera star Anne Pashley nervously rehearses what she is going to say after the show to someone who knew her from her previous career as a sprinter.

Pashley was born in Skegness and lived there until the age of fourteen.

Additional music: Semele, Iris Hence Away (Handel) MIT Symphony Orchestra - Free Music Archive

For more details and the full programme of festival events, visit the SO Festival’s website at, and their Facebook page and YouTube channel.