Wandering minstrel entertains WI at Nettleton

Nettleton village hall was full of WI members, together with a small scattering of husbands, to hear Elizabethan minstrel Dante Ferrara, who strolled in wearing full Elizabethan costume and playing a Hurdy Gurdy.
Dante Ferrara EMN-171025-085601001Dante Ferrara EMN-171025-085601001
Dante Ferrara EMN-171025-085601001

He had taken along five stringed instruments with him to play, a lute and a colascione, (a long necked Lute), both usually played for the aristocracy; a cittern and the Hurdy Gurdy, both of which were used by travelling minstrels in the taverns and market places throughout the known world.

There was also an orpharion - an eighteen string guitar of English origin.

Throughout the evening, Dante enchanted everyone with his masterly skill on the strings and his singing of period songs, including very popular ‘bawdy’ ones of that era.

At the end of the evening, everyone had a chance to see the exquisite replica,but still delicate, instruments close up, an experience in itself to see such craftsmanship up close.