Prime Minister tells MP that ULHT '˜wants to continue providing paediatric services' and '˜every effort' will be made to recruit staff

Prime Minister Theresa May has told Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman that '˜every effort will be made' to recruit doctors and protect children's services at Pilgrim Hospital and that the trust '˜wants to continue' providing those services at Boston.

Prime minister Theresa May. Picture: Shutterstock

Mrs May was responding to a question by Matt Warman during Prime Ministers Questions yesterday (Wednesday).

Mr Warman said: ““With a rising budget and a new medical school for Lincolnshire, this government has very clearly demonstrated its commitment to the NHS in Boston and Skegness. But there are short-term challenges recruiting paediatric staff to the paediatric ward.

“Can my Right Honourable Friend reassure my constituents and parents in my constituency that the decision to make a temporary closure has not yet been made, and that she will work with me to leave no stone unturned so the Trust, NHS England and NHS Improvement can work together to make sure that we recruit the doctors we need and this government is investing in?”

Mrs May said she would give him the reassurance he was looking for adding: “He is right that we are supporting the NHS in Boston and Skegness.

“Any decision taken by the trust about the services available will of course be made to ensure that the provision of services is safe for patients.

“The trust is continuing to try to recruit paediatricians to support the service.

“It wants to continue to provide paediatric services at Boston, and every effort will be made to ensure that that can continue.”

Following PMQ’s Mr Warman said in a statement: “The best place for children to be treated is of course close to home, but the primary concern is to ensure that treatment is safe, which is why ULHT is considering the best options for children’s services at Pilgrim.

“I am pleased that the Prime Minister has confirmed the Government’s support for our local NHS, and that all efforts will be made to ensure that we can recruit the doctors we need to retain local children’s services.

“I will continue to work with ULHT in any way I can to help ensure the best possible outcome for local children. In the longer term, the forthcoming Lincolnshire medical school will make a real difference for years to come, but it is vital to address immediate recruitment challenges in the meantime.”

This morning a meeting, to be held at Boston Grammar School next Thursday was announced by campaign group SoS Pilgrim, while another is set to take place at Skegness Town Council tonight (Thursday).