Share your positive coronavirus stories and pictures coming from your community

With the country in lockdown as the coronavirus pandemic tightens its grip on all our communities.

Rainbow pictures are appearing in many house windows to spread a message of hope during the coronavirus crisis.
Rainbow pictures are appearing in many house windows to spread a message of hope during the coronavirus crisis.

But amid a gloomy outlook, rays of light and positivity are coming through as communities pull together to help each other through the crisis.

Already, every day were are hearing stories of community groups springing up all over the UK to help people who have been forced into isolation because of the virus.

Facebook and WhatsApp groups are bringing communities together, helping people meet and get to know neighbours they'd never spoken to before and bring a sense of solidarity.

Whether it's fetching shopping or medical supplies for elderly or vulnerable people or people isolating, or just calling family members or neighbours though the likes of Skype or Facetime, it all helps.

Many teachers have been offering online tutorials and lessons for their pupils, easing the pressure on parents.

The likes of nursery and playgroup leaders, dance class teachers, community group leaders, musicians and more have also been going online with live sessions over YouTube or Facebook to help entertain people and lift spirits.

And many children have been putting pictures of rainbows in their windows to 'spread hope' after a trend started online by school pupils in response to their schools and nurseries being closed.

Above all has been the desire to praise and support the key workers, particularly those in the NHS and other health care providers for their continued heroic efforts in looking after the sick, and supermarket staff for their efforts in keeping the shelves stocked.

And we want to know about all these things going on in your area.

Has a community group started to help people and families isolating and are you part of it?

Are you a teacher or a group leader who has been doing online sessions with children?

Or are you an NHS or supermarket worker who has seen your community rallying to help and support you or your families?

Email us at [email protected] and share you stories with us.