NOSTALGIA: Demolition of Woolworths in Boston in 1962

Many will fondly remember visits to Woolworths, in Strait Bargate, Boston, at the site that is today home to Poundstretcher.

Demolition work in Strait Bargate, Boston, 60 years ago.
Demolition work in Strait Bargate, Boston, 60 years ago.

A little further back in time, though, the business was based on the other side of the street.

This photograph – taken 60 years ago this week – shows the demolition of that earlier building, what The Standard described at the time as ‘the former store of ‘Messers F. W. Woolworth and Co Ltd’.

‘Remember where you used to buy sixpenny bargains!’ ran the headline.

“Recognise it?” the paper wrote. “Probably not, although you have probably been inside the building many times.”

In its place, would come a new shop for ‘Montague Burton Ltd’ (or Burton, as the menswear chain is better known).

Today, the unit is occupied by outdoor clothing retailer Trespass.

You can see the original Woolworths building in the background of this photograph from 1960 during construction of the new shop: NOSTALGIA: Working on Boston’s new Woolworths in 1960