More council homes planned for the town

A council’s plans to build 12 new homes for social housing behind a Sleaford car park are up for approval next Tuesday.

North Kesteven’s proposals for land behind the Grantham Road car park include six semi-detached houses, four semi-detached dormer bungalows and two detached bungalows, as well as a new road along the north of the existing facilities.

Objections from nearby residents have raised concerns including the proximity of the site to the railway which runs along the back of it and the impact on parking due to the reduction of spaces from 99 to 64.

However Sleaford Town Council has supported the application.

In documents before the council next week, a comment from the authority’s housing team says: “Under the Our Homes priority in the 2019-22 NK Plan, increasing the supply of housing in North Kesteven and working to deliver more affordable homes are ambitions of the council.

“There is a significant need for affordable housing in Sleaford and this application is supported by Housing Strategy as an important element of working to meet that need.”

The Environment Agency has been asked to check the land, which was formerly occupied by an agricultural chemical company, but have offered no objection subject to conditions relating to the remediation of the site.