TECH TALK: Minut all-in-one smart home alarm

Over the past five years home security has been getting more impressive with hi-tech alarms and doorbells with cameras now on the market.
Minut all-in-one smart home alarmMinut all-in-one smart home alarm
Minut all-in-one smart home alarm

Swedish smart home technology specialists Minut have released a new all-in-one device. It detects sound, including glass breaking, checks temperature, humidity, chances of mould and has a tamper detection notification.

The smart alarm has no cameras, never listening nor watching, which is a plus point for those who worry about what is being stored in their homes, Minut will only react when required. It is designed to sit discreetly on the ceiling with five sensors and a siren. It is really easy to install, with a mounting plate that can either be stuck on or screwed into the ceiling. The battery lasts about six months on a five-hour charge so you won't need to be getting it off the ceiling every few months.

The built-in siren, which claims to be 95db, is loud enough to be very uncomfortable if you are near it, and it would certainly wake you up if you were home.

Minut all-in-one smart home alarmMinut all-in-one smart home alarm
Minut all-in-one smart home alarm

Arming is quick and straightforward. From the alarm menu on the app you hit the alarm button and confirm that it should be activated. When the Minut detects motion, you have 45 seconds to disable it, or the alarm will trigger.

The Minut connects to the home Wi-Fi, which is really handy but the only downside if you are using this as your only house alarm is, if you were to have a powercut the alarm would lose connection and then stop working. The Minut connects to your phone via Bluetooth and from the really easy-to-use app you can control as many of the Minuts you have throughout your house.

You can use the Minut without any subscription but Minut also offers a Plus subscription which costs £6.99 and provides: Unlimited sensor history, add multiple homes, add multiple users and a Smart Neighbourhood Watch. I feel like this would be worth it if you had multiple people in your home who came in at different times of the day as only the one person with the app can disable the alarm.

When you log in to the app you can see the current temperature, humidity, sound level, pressure and the risk of mould readings. You also get a breakdown of each stat over the past day and you can extend this up to 90 days with the free plan. So you can get a good overview of what is going on in the room it is located. So, even without the alarm activated, you can know when someone has been in the room or not by the motion detection.

Minut all-in-one smart home alarmMinut all-in-one smart home alarm
Minut all-in-one smart home alarm

Overall I do like the simplicity of the alarm, and all the extra features it offers. I would have to upgrade or have my phone on me at all times as there are members of my household who come and go throughout the day and I would be the only one in control of turning the alarm off before it sounds.

I think this would be the perfect product for a garage/outbuilding or for students, or someone who rents a room in a house, giving them the peace of mind of knowing if anyone was going in and out of their rooms when they were not at home.

The Minut all-in-one smart home alarm is available in the UK through and Amazon UK for £129 or two for £215.


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