Police appeal over new ‘anti-vax’ graffiti in Louth

Louth residents have been left distressed and disappointed after more ‘anti-vax’ graffiti was spraypainted around the town, with the most recent incidents being in St Mary’s Park.

Some of the recent graffiti in St Mary's Park, Louth.
Some of the recent graffiti in St Mary's Park, Louth.

The graffiti, which states ‘Vax kills’ as pictured above, was reported to the Leader last week, following similar graffiti around the town in late 2020 which stated ‘Covid lies’.

On Friday, a spokesperson for East Lindsey District Council said: “ELDC have been informed of the graffiti on the park walls and are dealing with it today and over the next few days.

“But the ones on private property, the garage doors, etc would be for the owners to remove. Lincolnshire County Council are dealing with the graffiti on road signs in Louth.”

On Monday evening, a Lincolnshire Police spokesman added: “The neighbourhood policing team are appealing for information and any witnesses to the damage”.

Today, Police Sergeant Kelly Palmer, from Louth’s Neighbourhood Policing team, added: “We are working with the ELDC ASB Officer with regards to the criminal damage.

“I would ask that anyone who has had their property damaged to contact us, as so far, we have not had any of the damage, shown in the images, reported to us.

“I would also like to speak to anyone who knows anything about the damage and has information that will help us with our investigation.”

Some of the recent graffiti in St Mary's Park, Louth.

Following the previous similar incident last year, Wolds Inspector Sarah Constantine said: “Obviously this type of behaviour is a crime and whilst I appreciate the Covid pandemic is an emotive subject, committing criminal damage to property to protest causes concern and anxiety within our community and is an offence. Where we can identify who is responsible we will follow up with appropriate action.

• Contact Lincolnshire Police by calling 101 if you have any information about the latest graffiti.