Happy Xmas! Flooddefence scheme boost

Hundreds of homes and businesses in Horncastle could get a bumper Christmas bonus as the town's long-awaited flood defence scheme is hopefully set to launch.

Horncastle Floods - Prospect Street EMN-161014-161409001
Horncastle Floods - Prospect Street EMN-161014-161409001

The £8m-plus project should help ease fears about flooding of properties from the River Bain.

The scheme has involved construction of major works near Hemingby.

District councillor Fiona Martin - a member of the Flood Alleviation Pan el - has revealed the project could be operational by the end of the year.

Speaking at a meeting of the town council last week, Coun Martin said work had been delayed by heavy rain during June and July.

Asked be fellow town councillors about a likely completion date, she confirmed the scheme could be completed by the end of December although the official opening might not take place until next Spring.

She said: “The work was held up by heavy rain in June and July but my understanding is it has progressed well since .”

She explained the completion date could hinge on the weather between now and the end of December.

The new defences involve the construction of earth embankments which will hold back the river in times of heavy rain,

Overflow lakes have been dug and will retain surplus water which will be released, once the threat of flooding ends.

The project also involves re-channelling the River Bain through a valve-controlled facility. Coun Martin revealed that particular part of the operation had already been completed..

She went on to reveal the thorny issue of compensation deals with landowners in the Hemingby area affected by the project was also closer to agreement.

Although work on the project has been carried out by the Environment Agency, several other organisations are involved including the town council, East Lindsey District Council and Lincolnshire County Council.

They all provided funding while the town council will help maintain the site.

Residents have welcomed the new defences. Andrew Porter said: “Our house has flooded twice in recent years so any help is to be welcomed.

“My big worry is what impact all these new homes will have on the existing drainage system.”