Louth Orthodox Christian Church welcomes Bishop and new priest

A celebration took place at the Louth Orthodox Christian Church this morning when there was a rare visit from an Bishop for the ordaination of a local deacon.

Bishop Silouwan with the congregation at Louth Orthodox Christian Church at the ordaination of Father Alban Campbell. ANL-161127-144054001

Members of the congregation packed into the tiny chapel in the cemetery to welcome Metropolitan Silouwan and witness Alban Campbell become their new priest.

Father Michael explained that welcoming a new priest to the ancient Orthodox Christian Church was of huge importance to them.

He said: “It is a great when someone wants to become a priest because we are all volunteers and not paid.

“I am able to this because I am a retired university professor and Father Alban is able to become a priest because he still works as a psychiatric nurse.

“We have a diverse congregation here of immigrants from Russia, Romania, Syria and Serbia as well as our local members.

“There is a lot of depravity among the community and Father Alban will be able ti help us in our work.”

Father Alban comes from Cleethorpes, where he has lived since 2001. He said: “I am looking forward to my role as the new priest in Louth. The church here has made me very welcome.”

One of the main aims of Father Michael and Father Alban will now be to find a bigger church for their growing congregation.

The Bishop said: “This is my third visit to Louth since I came to England eight months ago and the people are lovely.

“We are very happy to welcome Father Alban and the main thing now is to help him and find a bigger place for this parish.”