Obituary: Mary Irene Fisher

Believed to be the area's oldest resident, Mary Irene Fisher died at the age of 105 in Waterloo House on December 26.

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. EMN-161224-122341001

Mary was born in Louth, but lived all her married life in Tealby, where her husband was the local butcher.

The Rev John Carr officiated at the funeral service on February 1 at Lincoln Crematorium.

Family mourners were: Mr and Mrs John Fisher (son and daughter-in-law); Marie-Louise Fisher and Darren Bradley (granddaughter and partner); Toni-Louise Bradley (great-granddaughter); Erica and Paul Allen (granddaughter); Harrison and Bruce Allen (great-grandsons); Mr and Mrs Peter Brannick, Mr and Mrs Michael Brannick, David Brannick (also rep Marie Brannick), John Poucher (nephews).

Other mourners were: Jane Northmore (also rep Joan and Don Leavy and the boys); Mrs M Brigg; Sarah Dales (also rep Phil and Charlotte Dales; Rita King); Jayne Calone; Belinda Richardson; Samantha Brannick; Viv Hildred (also rep Waterloo House); Carol Davison; Mr and Mrs R Tyson.