Robert Penny Farthing's Steampunk makeover of his home by members of FLOSS. EMN-211213-100716001Robert Penny Farthing's Steampunk makeover of his home by members of FLOSS. EMN-211213-100716001
Robert Penny Farthing's Steampunk makeover of his home by members of FLOSS. EMN-211213-100716001

Steampunk group’s DIY SOS-style makeover for autistic member

Could this be the most fabulous - and flamboyant - home makeover ever?

After learning that one of their members was finally getting his own home, this Steampunk group gave his home a very fitting makeover to create his dream home.

For the past few weeks, the Fenwold League of Splendid Steampunks (FLOSS), who have a league of members here in Horncastle thanks to the recent opening of a new group, have been giving one of their most well-known members a new home to be proud of.

The recent launch of FLOSS’s Horncastle group was a huge success, with more than 20 new members joining the league.

FLOSS member Robert Penny Farthing, going by his secret Steampunk name, has autism and dyslexia, and until now has been living with his mum after a previous home where he could live independently didn’t work out.

But now he has moved into his own home in Skegness, and he wanted a Steampunk-inspired home to live in to make his bungalow more comfortable for him.

So FLOSS members Doctor Ed Nought and Captain Skirmish have been busy doing a Steampunk makeover on a bungalow in Skegness, ready for Robert to move into.

Robert is something of a celebrity, known worldwide for his vintage bicycle collection and his Tiktok account, which is run by his friend Tess Turner on his behalf, has more than 109,000 followers.

Tess said: “Robert is a great spokesman for people with learning difficulties, and he shows that people’s perceptions of learning difficulties can be wrong - for example when people try to talk to him like a child.

“He’s such a character and he’s brilliant.

“When Robert was found a new home, he wanted a complete Steampunk makeover so we put a shout out on his social media for help.”

It was his fellow FLOSS members who answered the call for help, and Robert’s new home has a huge number of Steampunk-inspired objects, including cog decorations, bright colours and many pieces of artwork to illustrate his love of vintage bicycles.

Some members have donated items for his new place, and other objects have been made or sourced for him.

Saturday (December 11) was moving in day, and FLOSS members will be there bright and early to put the finishing touches together.

“I couldn’t believe it when I walked in and saw the finished place - I was completely and utterly taken out in by it all!” Tess said.

“Robert was absolutely overwhelmed when he saw his new home for the first time, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“When he stayed over for the first time, in the morning he kept saying there were new wondrous things to find everywhere - he loves it.”

Captain Skirmish said that helping others was all part of the Steampunk ethos and they hoped to help others in the future.

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