Education works better

I read Sam Chetwynd’s November 22nd article about the Jackson sentencing for killing someone with a single punch.

New South Wales, an Australian state that includes Sydney, is currently debating whether they should have mandatory minimum sentences for punch assaults involving death. Should the UK be having the same debate?

My bias is education may work far better to reduce punching carnage. I’ve made a documentary called One Punch Homicide.

In 1998, the American Psychiatric Association stated by the time Americans reached the age of 18 they had seen, on average 200,000 acts of violence on screen. Things probably aren’t too different for UK youth. Aren’t we cheating today’s young by allowing them to watch so much violence without teaching them that one punch can kill?

You can read about my documentary at, which also has some lists of one punch homicides for England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, along with lists for other English speaking nations.

Steve Kokette

(via email)

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