Boston is to get its own edition of the Monopoly board game

Which Boston building will be deemed worthy of the ‘Mayfair’ square - and which will be relegated to ‘Old Kent Road’?

How the Monopoly Boston Edition might look. Image: Boston Big Local.

These and many more questions will be answered in the coming weeks when details of the upcoming ‘Boston Edition’ of the popular board game Monopoly are revealed.

Announcing the plans via their Facebook group, Boston Big Local wrote: “Following the success of the trump cards in raising Boston’s profile and funds for good causes in Boston, Boston Big Local and Boston Borough Council’s Empowering Healthy Communities fund collaborated to create a Hasbro branded Boston Monopoly game.”

It is hoped to be completed in time for Christmas - making it the ideal present for Bostonians and those with an interest in the historic town.

A view of Boston taken from the Stump.

Monopoly is a popular property trading board game which was invented by American woman Lizzie Magie in 1903 when it was called ‘The Landlords Game’.

The most expensive property on the classic London version is ‘Mayfair’ - with ‘Old Kent Road’ being the cheapest on the board.

Boston Big Local is remaining tight-lipped about the details for now, but says it is hoping to launch the game next month.

Watch this space.