Get your cat neutered for free through cat charity

Sleaford Cats Protection is promoting a '˜chip and snip' campaign, offering cat owners the chance to get their pet neutered for free, and microchipped for just £5.

If your male of female cat is going to be four months or older by the end of November this year, you may be eligible for the offer.

The campaign aims to address the issue of unneutered cats having kittens which then contribute to the number of abandoned and unwanted pets - many of which end up in rescue centres.

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The Cats Protection says there are currently too many unwanted cats in the UK.

“Not only will neutering your cat help this problem, but will potentially reduce your vet bills aswell,” a charity spokesman said.

“Neutered cats are less likely to fight, wander from home, sprayin your house, get hit by traffic, catch infectuous diseases, and suffer from pregnancy complications.

“Microchipping can help peace of mind in the event your cat goes missing.”

Your cat must be neutered to qualify for the £5 microchipping scheme.

Details on 01529 488749.