Is it a job for Sherlock Gnomes? Mystery gift for outgoing Skegness Mayor

A mystery gnome artist wasn't going the let the outgoing Mayor's two-year term end without a special surprise.

Outgoing Mayor Coun Mark Dannatt with a picture of the Gnome Mayor - a gift from the Goblin King.
Outgoing Mayor Coun Mark Dannatt with a picture of the Gnome Mayor - a gift from the Goblin King.

Coun Mark Dannatt has been a supporter of the cheeky characters since they first appeared around town two years ago - and the artist who signs himself the 'Goblin King' had read all about it in the Skegness Standard.

So when Coun Simon Claxton sent out a tweet to commission a special picture, the artist was happy to oblige.

Having seen Mark pictured with the Gnome Mayor artwork that was destroyed by vandals, a copy seemed to be the perfect choice.

The Gnome Mayor.

"I wanted a gift for Mark Dannatt, the outgoing Mayor," Simon explained. "The original was peeled off and Mark was gutted and wanted a copy.

"I tweeted #skegnessofficalgnomes and was thrilled when I got a reply and was told where the picture was being left.

"It was quite exciting. I was messaged at 7.15pm with a location and was straight round to collect it from the drop off point.

"I’m not to good with surprises so went straight round to Mark's with it.

The Goblin King likes to read about reaction to his artwork in the Skegness Standard. This picture of him reading a copy appeared on a wall in Blackpool.

"It was like seeing a kid in a sweet shop - the smile on Mark's face."

Mark agreed he was thrilled with the surprise - raising the question of who the Goblin King artist could be.

"The gnome picture made my day and I'd like to thank Coun Claxton who made it happen," he said.

"I'd love to know who the artist is. He's been referred to as Skegness Banksy and I have to wonder whether he could be the one and only Pete McKee from Sheffield, because I have a few of his paintings and there is a resemblance - he also visits Skegness.

"But unless we get the gnome police in I guess we will never know.

"But, whoever it is I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart and for making these for Skegness bringing so much fun for everyone on our coast."