MP calls decision to house asylum seekers at Lincolnshire hotel 'wholly inappropriate'

A local MP has blasted the Home Office decision to use a Lincolnshire hotel to house more than 100 asylum seekers.
The Supreme Inn, at Bicker. Image: GoogleThe Supreme Inn, at Bicker. Image: Google
The Supreme Inn, at Bicker. Image: Google

The Supreme Inn, on Donington Road, Bicker, has been housing asylum seekers since the Home Office relocated them there last month.

In a statement on the matter, Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman called the decision to use the hotel a ‘bad choice’ and ‘wholly inappropriate’.

“The growing and unsustainable number of people currently seeking to come illegally to the UK means more hotel owners are being asked to accommodate asylum seekers,” he said.

"This is a commercial decision for them, and is resulting in increasingly inappropriate locations being used. Refugees need support, and should be housed as near to it as possible.

“The Supreme Inn in Bicker, under its new owners, is the latest hotel to agree to be used for asylum seekers: its remote location makes it in my view, as I described it to the immigration minister, wholly inappropriate.

“While I have been reassured that all possible welfare and security measures are in place, I will continue to raise the fact that this venue is a particularly bad choice.

"I appreciate its use may be necessitated by the availability of rooms across the UK, and it also underlines that the issue of immigration is one that the new Prime Minister will need to grip immediately on taking office, so that hotels such as the Supreme are no longer required. We must do all we can to deter illegal migration so that we can focus British resources on those refugees who need it most.”

He added: “I will of course work with all local agencies who are affected by this decision to make sure resources are available where needed.”

A spokesperson for the Home Office said they do not comment on operational arrangements for individual hotels. They added that they are “dealing with an unprecedented increase in asylum cases” but will continue to ensure that the accommodation provided is ”safe, secure and leaves no one destitute.”

The Standard asked the hotel for a comment last week, but has not yet received one.