My Cousin Rachel promises thrills and chills

Thrills, action and a smidge of inappropriate family love are all promised in Horncastle Theatre Company’s next offering.

My Cousin Rachel's Anna Maria Vesey as Rachel and Russell Older as Phillip.
My Cousin Rachel's Anna Maria Vesey as Rachel and Russell Older as Phillip.

In a production which is finally coming to the stage next month after being delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic, My Cousin Rachel, by Daphne du Maurier and Diana Morgan will be directed by Chris Rozier, ably assisted by Chris Hinkins.

Mr Rozier said that, luckily, the four lead actors who were cast in the delayed production were able to return this time around which gave them a headstart in planning this production.

He said: “We're very excited to bring this production to the stage, we’ve got a fantastic team who are working hard to create the set with the gothic-looking stained glass windows and having most of the original cast back has put us ahead in timing.”

The cast of My Cousin Rachel, with director Chris Rozier (front).


A gothic drama set in the 18th century, My Cousin Rachel sees young Phillip Ashley, played by Russell Older, take in his cousin’s wife, the titular Rachel (Anna Maria Vesey), who has fled from Italy after the death of her husband – with a rumour that she may have killed him.

Before long, Phillip begins to fall in love with his older cousin, much to the disapproval of his guardian Uncle Nick (Alan Paine) and niece Louise (Natasha Lowes) as he starts to lavish the family’s jewels and heirlooms on her.

But when the rumours of the “mysterious” circumstances of Rachel’s husband’s demise reach Phillip’s ears, he decides the best course of action is to kill her too!

But is she a scheming murderess or a grossly maligned woman?


What happens next, audiences will have to wait and see when the production takes to the stage on Wednesday September 7, running until Saturday 10. Doors open at 7pm each night and the show begins at 7.30pm.

Tickets are available via Horncastle Theatre Company’s website at