Residents are concerned over 60 more homes

Residents up in arms about a planned 60 home development in Eastfield Road, Louth, fear they could be subject to increased flooding and traffic if plans are approved.
The site off Eastfield Road.The site off Eastfield Road.
The site off Eastfield Road.

The latest plans form the second phase of Cyden Homes’ Park development.

The first phase of 45 homes was given approval in November 2016 and new roads, known as Ticklepenny Drive and Cloisters Walk, will form the entrance to the new build.

Previous plans for the second phase were submitted in January 2018, but were later withdrawn following discussions with the developer of the Park Cyden Homes.

A report submitted to East Lindsey District Council said: “The application is now a full application submitted by the developer as an extension of The Park and continuing the design ethos.

“The [plan] constitutes sustainable development and would not lead to adverse impacts that would significantly or demonstrably outweigh the benefits.

“Further, [it] will deliver a range of social, economic and environmental benefits.”

The land south of the Park development is allocated for housing in ELDC’s Local Plan’

Residents, however, say the development, which will total 106 homes (46 homes phase one, 60 homes phase two) will result in ‘over-intensificaton’.

Concerns also include the impact on local nature, increased traffic, the safety of a proposed attenuation pond and the possibility of historical artefacts on the land. Louth Town Council objected to the plans on similar grounds.

Louth Town Council added: “The proposal is over-intensive and overbearing in nature and too dense when compared to most other developments in Louth.”

Trinity ward councillor Julia Simmons said there was ‘a lot of concern’ and that ‘neighbours are very worried’.

She said: “It’s not a case that we’re NIMBYs - a person who objects to the siting of something perceived as unpleasant or hazardous in their own neighbourhood, especially while raising no such objections to similar developments elsewhere.

“We understand there have to be houses, but it has to be in the right areas that are suitable and not impacting on anyone else.”

One resident said: “Eastfield Road is already a very busy road, and the increase in traffic from this proposed development, along with the Chestnut Drive and Park 
Avenue sites, would, in my opinion, turn Eastfield Road from a very busy road to a dangerous road. “

Another said: “Park Row had an outlook of open countryside but is fast becoming encased and overlooked by properties being built, a loss of privacy to all residents.”

The first phase saw opposition including a petition and numerous letters of objection submitted; however, fewer residents have contacted the council this time round, something Councillor Simmons says could be due to apathy following the initial decision.

Residents have previously reported a number of flooding issues while the first phase was built, including flooding on Park Row, and have stated concerns the risks could increase.

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