SKEGNESS STANDARD READER PICTURE: Shag finds a rocky spot on a sandy shore

This week’s Reader Picture was posted on our Facebook page by Fletch Bradley.
A shag paying a visit to Skegness.A shag paying a visit to Skegness.
A shag paying a visit to Skegness.

It shows a European shag, a species of cormorant, seemingly during a moment of reflection.

It was actually submitted in reply to an earlier photograph on our pinned Reader Picture post, one showing the same type of bird, doing the same thing – taking a break on the sea defences.

Shags tend to be found on rocky shores, so perhaps this spot of the Skegness coastline is the closest they can find to their preferred terrain when visiting the area.

The picture in full.The picture in full.
The picture in full.

Alternatively, it is the same bird and it enjoys posing for the camera.

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