Superhero scrubs for hardworking Helen

Helen Turner would describe herself as ‘just an ordinary person.’

Horncastle’s very own Wonder Woman, Helen Turner, models her scrubs made by Haley (left).

Those who know her think rather differently.

In fact, they’d say she is a modern-day ‘Wonder Woman.’

When she hasn’t been homeschooling her kids, Helen has been working as a clinical nurse specialist in Intensive Care Units at Lincoln County and Boston Pilgrim hospitals.

When Horncastle ‘scrubbers’ heard about Helen, they decided to make her a very special set of scrubs - in the style of Wonder Woman!

Shelley Wills, who founded the Horncastle group, said: “I first met Helen at the start of lockdown when I was still based at home.

“She contacted me to ask if I could make some scrubs for her and her colleagues in ICU.

“At the time, she was working at both Pilgrim and Lincoln County hospitals, as well as homeschooling her boys.

“She told me she’d really like some Wonder Woman scrubs so I set about sourcing the fabric and seamstress (Hayley).

“The end result was amazing.”

Helen added: “I don’t think it’s easy to express how grateful we all are to the volunteers working at the Scrub-hut every day; for all the time, love and effort that they are so clearly putting in to every set of amazing scrubs they are making for keyworkers across the area.

“Them ‘caring’ enables people like me to continue to ‘care’.

“On behalf of everyone that has benefited from their efforts, they have my heartfelt thanks’

The Horncastle scrubbers group really has gone from strength to strength.

They have now made more than 1,000 sets of scrubs - earning support from celebratory DJ Chris Evans in the process.

The group - which meets at Stanhope Hall from 10-2 - includes volunteers of all ages, including 16-year-old Lyra Waters, a student at QEGS.

Even though Lyra can’t actually sew, she’s performed several vital roles and admits: “I love it’.