Upp broadband now live in Horncastle

Those struggling with slow WiFi in Horncastle and the surrounding area could take advantage of new full-fibre broadband provider live in town.

Upp’s next-level broadband is now live in Horncastle, following a successful installation in Woodhall Spa and six other areas across Lincolnshire and Norfolk.

Upp is aiming to bring its high-speed network across the East of England, and Upp is planning to deploy its full-fibre broadband to over 1 million homes by 2025, providing hundreds of jobs along the way.

Upp has also just launched its end of year deal, which means customers will pay nothing for the first six months of their contract if they sign up to the network before the 22nd January.

Upp’s CEO Drew Ritchie said, “It’s fantastic to see the rapid expansion of Upp’s network across Lincolnshire, so we can offer our full-fibre connection to an increasing number of homes across the county.

"For years now, far too many homes have struggled with poor and inadequate broadband, but it’s great to see the difference that Upp’s network is already making.”

Many broadband providers use a mixture of outdated copper cabling and some fibre wiring. This is known as Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC).

Upp’s next level broadband is built using full fibre all the way to your premises (known as FTTP), meaning you don’t share your connection with anyone else on your street, and provides speeds of up to 900Mbps* for both downloads and uploads.

To register your interest and learn more about Upp’s full-fibre network, head to upp.com