VIDEO: Newborn Skegness donkey rejected by mum finds comfort - on a sofa

A newborn Skegness donkey rejected by his mum is finding comfort - on the settee in his foster home.

Kye was born amidst a crisis when his owner John Nuttall was the victim of a burglary and the future of Skegness donkeys was uncertain.

Your newspaper recently told the story of how the bond formed between Kye and John inspired him to carry on fighting to save his donkeys.

However, in spite of John's efforts, Kye was rejected by his mum and surrogate.

Kye has found comfort in his foster home - on the sofa.

"I was struggling to give Kye a bottle until my neighbour and dog expert Gražina Pervenis offered her help," he said.

"She rang me one night to ask me how the foal was doing. I said 'He's not very well, he's poorly'. She took the foal away that night about midnight, stayed up literally the night and kept bottle-feeding him.

"She put a nappy on him so he didn't mess in the house and kept him on his feet through the night."

When Kye returned home to Mr Nuttall he refused to feed and just lay on the sofa and so his neighbour took him back.

"I thought I had seen it all when I saw the pic of Kye wearing a nappy and on the settee," he said.

"Seems he's got the scent of a woman now and will only take a botte from me or her."

The picture of Kye on the sofa was shared on Facebook and has had more than 6,600 hits.

To help John and his Skegness Donkeys visit his Gofundme page HERE.

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