County councillors' allowanceswill increase by £100 this year

Lincolnshire county councillors' allowances have increased by over £100 a year, starting from this month.

The level of allowances for councillors is recommended by an Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) which is made up of people from outside the council.

The increase is significantly lower than in some previous years.

There has been some criticism as the rise comes as many people are subject to wage freezes - and the county council has increased its share of annual Council Tax bills.

All elected councillors currently receive what is known as a ‘basic allowance’.

For 2017-18, the basic allowance was set at £10,425.50 but that will rise to £10,529.76 for 2018-19.

In addition to basic allowances, other councillors receive ‘extra allowances’ for special responsibilities - including portfolio holders.

Councillor Martin Hill, leader of the authority, will receive £33,361.43 during the coming year, compared to £33,031.12 in 2017-18.

Deputy leader, Coun Patricia Bradwell - who represents Woodhall Spa - sees her special responsibilty allowance go up from £21,676.62 to £21,893,39.

Other leading councillors who form the authority’s executive received allowances of £18,579.96 last year, rising to £18,765.76 this year.

Coun Jackie Brockway, the council’s chief whip, received an allowance of £5,161.18 last year but that will rise to £10,000.

Nigel West, the council’s head of democratic services, said: “The council has to agree a scheme of members’ allowances every year.

“It has to have regard to the recommendations of the IRP when agreeing its scheme.”