Local Elections 2023: North Kesteven party leaders' campaign promises

Local Elections 2023.Local Elections 2023.
Local Elections 2023.
Election candidates in North Kesteven are ramping up their campaigns ahead of the polls opening next month.

Election candidates in North Kesteven are ramping up their campaigns ahead of the polls opening next month.

Constituents will have their chance to vote for who they want to represent them on North Kesteven District Council come Thursday, May 4.

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All 43 seats are up for grabs this year across 24 electoral wards.

Richard Wright - Conservative.Richard Wright - Conservative.
Richard Wright - Conservative.

You can view the full list of candidates here.

The council is currently made up of 22 Conservatives, 10 Lincolnshire Independents and eight Independents, with three vacant seats.

Five of these Independents make up the NK Administration Group with the Conservative Group, one is in the NK Independent group and a further two are unaligned.

There are a number of crucial issues at the forefront of residents’ minds, including the ongoing cost of living crisis.

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Marianne Overton - Lincolnshire Independents.Marianne Overton - Lincolnshire Independents.
Marianne Overton - Lincolnshire Independents.

In order to vote, constituents must remember to bring to a specific photo ID with them, otherwise they cannot be issued a ballot paper.

Here is what each party leader has promised to deliver if elected on May 5.

Conservatives – Richard Wright

This election is a local election, something others try to blur your thoughts on, talking about national issues instead of the important job we do for you every day.

Nat Sweet - Liberal Democrats.Nat Sweet - Liberal Democrats.
Nat Sweet - Liberal Democrats.

Voting Conservative in North Kesteven, is a vote for continued positive action, providing and improving crucial local services.

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The pandemic saw us act swiftly to assist people and businesses, despite the Lincolnshire Independents’ unnecessary delays over committee sites – not the time for politics!

We’ll continue to invest in jobs, our new business units and the new business park in Sleaford, mindful of the work we started on the environment, protecting green spaces cherished by residents and driving down our emissions, to ensure a decent future for everyone.

More sustainable homes in the right place, now we have the new innovative Local Plan, that we fought for as local Conservatives and retrofitting our existing ones.

Paul Edwards-Shea - Labour.Paul Edwards-Shea - Labour.
Paul Edwards-Shea - Labour.

A positive action plan – vote for Local Conservatives.

Green – Terry Crawshaw

As other local authorities have discovered, having a Green in the room makes a difference.

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As a small group or even a lone voice, we will constantly remind other parties of what needs to be done to make the district happier, healthier and more sustainable.

Of immediate concern to residents and businesses is the cost of living crisis – high inflation and extortionate energy bills – but climate change is serious and coming our way very soon. We should, and must, take urgent steps to mitigate this crisis.

New development must be sustainable, with good public transport links and cycle and walking routes integral to the planning.

Terry Crawshaw - Green Party.Terry Crawshaw - Green Party.
Terry Crawshaw - Green Party.

As a county and country, we need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels as an energy source – renewable energy is an important tool in this, from varied and appropriate sources, but it is also important to reduce our energy needs.

We will always work for fairer, greener, communities.

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Labour – Paul Edwards Shea

There are currently no Labour Party councillors on North Kesteven District Council, meaning that Labour voters aren’t fairly represented.

Our record on Sleaford Town Council shows that it’s possible to be a Labour Party Councillor and vote according to our individual consciences.

Since 2019, we’ve had five Labour Councillors on Sleaford Town Council. We’ve led on actions including consulting residents about improving George Street Play Area, declaring a climate emergency, working with Sleaford Castle Heritage Group to turn Castlefield into a tourism site and asking Royal Mail to paint letterboxes.

All of these and more have been Labour-led initiatives that led to improvements in Sleaford.

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If elected, we will work with others to tackle antisocial behaviour and crime, build more affordable and social housing, make better planning decisions and keep council tax low.

A vote for the Labour Party is a vote for honesty, competence, initiative and taking action.

Labour councillors don’t just talk – we take action.

Liberal Democrats – Nat Sweet

These elections are all about the services that affect you. The state of your streets, the policing in your communities and the green spaces you use.

Under this Conservative government, we have seen the cost of living increase dramatically, the number of PCSOs in Lincolnshire fall dramatically and catastrophic failures in housing.

The Liberal Democrats want to change that.

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If elected, councillors will always work hard for our local communities, ensuring local interests are considered first and putting in the work all year round to make North Kesteven a better place to live.

In Lincoln, our councillors voted against excessive council tax increases, spoke up for vulnerable residents and got down to the nitty gritty work on the streets cleaning graffiti and organising litter picks.

Voting Liberal Democrat means you get a hard-working councillor who will work for you and with you to improve your life and your community.

Lincolnshire Independents – Marianne Overton MBE

As Lincolnshire Independents, we answer to you and together we have the power to be effective.

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We listen, think, speak and vote focussed not on big party policy, but looking at the facts in front of us and working for residents. Our councillors stand because they are part of our communities and care about our home area.

More than half of the elected councillors last time were Independent and we have driven the District Council to some significant successes, and this much more we need to do.

All have already been doing remarkable work in their local communities. Our phenomenal team also brings significant skills from running large and small organisations and businesses.

Lincolnshire Independents are local people, connected to our communities, with a proven track record of getting things done. For reliable, effective support, please use your vote and vote Lincolnshire Independent.

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Independents and Reform UK

The Local Democracy Reporting Service has contacted representatives from Reform UK to take part in this article although they have not responded at this time.

It is also important to note that there are a number of Independent candidates running for election.

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