Stop Suki's suffering! Owners appeal for help with '˜astronomical' vet fees

The owners of a young rescue dog, who is in urgent need of an operation, are appealing for the public's help to cover the '˜astronomical' vets fees.

Four-year-old Suki is in desperate need of an operation.

Suki, a four-year-old Japanese Akita Inu, was recently diagnosed with arthritis and cruciate ligament disease, meaning that the ligament in her knee has been destroyed.

Sadly this means that she can only limp about on three legs, and is in constant pain.

Suki’s loving family from South Somercotes are heartbroken over the news of these crippling diseases - but it will cost £2,750 for her to have an operation to fix them.

Suki’s owner, Iris Dainton, said: “We have given homes to many rescue dogs over the years and Suki is our latest one.

“Unfortunately things have not worked out with her.

“Some years ago we had insurance for our then dog but when it became ill the insurance company refused to pay out. So we decided not to continue with insurance.

“Over the years we managed to afford any medical bills that arose. So we did not have insurance when this devastating blow came for Suki.

“It appears that vet bills have risen astronomically and now we simply cannot afford the cost of this operation.

“I don’t have words to describe how awful we feel not being able to do the right thing for our dog.

“It is she that is suffering for our terrible mistake! It should be a lesson for others who do not have pet insurance.”

If you wish to help Suki, visit

The Akita Welfare Trust has already made a donation to kick start the cause.