Police target anti-social drivers in Sleaford over weekend

Following complaints from residents, Sleaford police officers have been out and about over the weekend patrolling, paying particular attention to anti-social behavious involving cars.

Police have been targeting anti-social driving in Sleaford.

They have been looking out for drivers speeding around the town’s streets, loud exhausts and explosive backfiring, illegally styled number plates and dangerous modifications such as lowered suspensions, blacked out windows and wide wheels scraping on arches.

Their plan to target these drivers was welcomed by local followers on social media.

One tweeted: “Good to hear! They are becoming a regular nuisance. The car park on Boston Road is a favourite meeting point.”

Another follower agreed: “Great to hear! One of them is ridiculously loud it’s like a bomb going off! Idiots, and the cars are like sheds on wheels.”

Another said: “Thank god.. it’s driving Holdingham Grange mad. Seems to spend a lot of time at McDonalds then continuously up and down.”

While a resident in the Metheringham area added: “You want to have a drive to Metheringham airfield it’s getting terrible there again, some nights so bad we cant enjoy the garden.”

North Kesteven District Council introduced a public space protection order at the site back in 2016 on stretches of the airfield used by alleged ‘boy racers’ with modified cars to meet in groups of up to 100 at a time, playing loud music, doing stunts and speeding, upsetting and disturbing locals.

The order was lifted in October last year after the problem was thought to have gone away, with the council having received no further complaints for some time. But just four months later in February, residents said the problem had returned.

Police and NKDC officials had promised to follow it up and take action.