Horse-drawn gypsy caravan sells for more than £2,000

A genuine horse-drawn gypsy caravan that lay hidden in a Lincolnshire barn for a quarter of a century has been sold to a local bidder, despite attracting online bids from all over Britain.

James Laverack with the genuine horse-drawn gypsy caravan.

The gaily decorated vintage wagon is of a type known as an ‘Openlot’, one of the six main styles of horse-drawn caravans that were made in Britain.

Last month was the first time that one has ever appeared in a sale at John Taylors Auction Rooms, where it sold for £2,100, higher than it’s pre-sale estimate of £1,000-£2,000.

It was sold to a local bidder in the room who intends to restore it and house it in his garden.

Auctioneer James Laverack said: “The Openlot is a version of the standard Bowtop, with its distinctively shaped canvas roof stretched over an arched wooden frame.

“Whilst the Bowtop has a door, the front of this is open -sealed by canvas when necessary - hence the name.

James added: “We know that it did spend many years on the road as the home of a gypsy family but they eventually stopped 
travelling and it was entered in a farm machinery auction, which is where the current vendor bought it, apparently purely on impulse.”

“For the past 25 years he has had it stored away in a barn, which is why it remains in such lovely condition.”

Prior to the sale, James said: “It is proving a real showstopper - the reaction from members of the public has been just amazing.

“We’ve lost count of the number of people who have wandered in just to get a closer look.”