Vandals strike again at Hubbards Hills

The chairman of the Hubbards Hill Trust has condemned the '˜mindless vandals' who caused damage amounting to thousands of pounds this week.
The aftermath of the vandalism at Hubbards Hills.The aftermath of the vandalism at Hubbards Hills.
The aftermath of the vandalism at Hubbards Hills.

Chairman, Andrew Leonard, said that posts on the disabled ramp have been kicked out in recent days, causing irreversible damage.

He said: “The damage to the ramp cannot just be repaired, as it has weakened the structure. The only option is a complete replacement with a hard surface retention wall and new tarmac ramp, with estimated costs of around £10,000.

“This comes hot on the heels of a recent spate of destruction in the toilets, where another £500 was spent replacing a newly-installed hand dryer that was destroyed.

“These mindless vandals seem determined to cause criminal damage to the structures in the recreational area.”

Mr Leonard said that the Hubbards Hills Trust will be seeking a prosecution when the ‘idiots’ are caught, adding: “It is a financial drain on the Trust that prevents us spending money on far more important project work in the Hills.”

• Call Lincolnshire Police on the non-emergency number, 101, if you have any information.