UK’s clean and dirty cities ... where does your home rank?

Survey ranking cleanest to dirtiest cities

Survey ranking cleanest to dirtiest cities

The cleanest and dirtiest cities in the UK have been revealed in a new survey ... and the outcome may surprise some about the place they call home.

Property Buyers Good Move has focussed on the most (and least) clean cities across the UK.

Belfast (pictured above) takes the top spot as the cleanest city in the survey.

But those living in Southampton (pictured below) may not be too pleased as it is deemed to be the dirtiest city in the UK according to the survey.

Southampton said in Good Move survey to the dirtiest city in the UK (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)

Good Move’s cleaning expert Lynsey Crombie, regularly dispenses cleaning advice in Channel 4’s Obsessive

Compulsive Cleaners. And keeping homes nice and clean has never been more important.

Important to keep things clean

However, according to research conducted by regulated property buyers, Good Move, it seems many UK cities are not putting their marigolds to good use.

Commenting on the research findings, Good Move director Nima Ghasri said: “Having a clean home has never been so important.

“While cities such as Belfast and Sheffield are doing a great job at keeping their homes nice and clean, many others should be cleaning more regularly to keep their homes germ-free.

“Considering the research findings, we have teamed up with Lynsey Crombie, cleaning expert from Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners to provide handy tips on keeping homes clean.

“We hope our research and HomeCleanHome online advice prompts the nation to take their cleaning habits more seriously.”

Good Move delved into the cleaning habits of UK adults to determine how often they give their homes a good polish. While many are keeping their abodes squeaky clean, it seems many have some serious work to do.

Gleaming example

Located in Northern Ireland, Belfast proudly takes the top spot as the UK’s cleanest city with half (50 percent) of residents cleaning their homes more than once per week.

They’re also not afraid to get down and dirty with just under a third (27 per cent) unveiling they clean their toilet every day.

The top five cleanest cities are based on how often they clean their home each week and are Belfast, Sheffield (Pictured below), Newcastle, Birmingham and Cardiff.

Sheffield said in Good Move survey to be second cleanest in the UK (Photo by Lindsey Parnaby / AFP) (Photo by LINDSEY PARNABY/AFP via Getty Images)

Revealed as the UK’s fourth cleanest city, more than a fifth (22 percent) of Birmingham residents clean their bathroom three times per week!

Not only that, but nearly half also change their bed sheets once a week or more. So, which cities could do with some extra motivation to get their rubber gloves on?

Needs improvement

Located in the South East, Southampton is deemed the UK’s dirtiest city.

It has just under half (43 per cent) of its residents admitting that they consider a “cleaning routine” to only consist of the basics, for example, hoovering and giving surfaces a quick wipe.

Moreover, over half (59 per cent) of residents admit to only cleaning the insides of their cupboards once per year!

Which are survey's dirtiest?

Top five dirtiest cities are Southampton, Nottingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Leeds.