EASTWOOD's ANGLING: Catches affected by inconsistent weather

By Dave Eastwood
Dave Eastwood.Dave Eastwood.
Dave Eastwood.

The one thing that is key to UK coarse fishing is the weather.

Be it fishing a competition, targeting a certain species, or simply having a days relaxation in nice surroundings...the fish need consistent weather, as us humans want to also feel as comfortable as possible.

With recent temperatures reaching 19 degrees, followed quickly by snow and lots of overnight frosts, it's no wonder results and catch rates have been affected.

Everyday the angler...and the fish don't know what to expect.

One thing we can expect is match organise Dave Wilkinson to show consistent form on his Hanworth Country park opens.

The recent Saturday event on Mallard Lake saw him take the field apart with an all carp catch going 83lb 7oz.

Simon Todd caught some big F1 placing 50lb 3oz on the scales for second and competing the frame as Jason Jeal weighing 33lb 7oz.

Skylark was the venue for the latest Westwood Lakes open.

Jason Smith fished across to the island using red maggot to catch carp and F1 to weight 51lb from peg 15.

Steve Haywood used similar tactics from peg 29 and claimed second place with 42lb 4oz.

Steve Miles on peg 8 placed 38lb 12oz on the scales to complete the frame.

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