EASTWOOD'S ANGLING: Winter leagues in full swing

Dave Eastwood rounds up the local scene...
Dave Eastwood.Dave Eastwood.
Dave Eastwood.

Stormy Weather, frosts and a hint of snow mean only one thing... match fishing winter leagues.

As anglers we often receive funny looks from passers by as we attempt to extract our quarry... often in freezing conditions.

And with recent results up and down, those funny looks maybe justified as sport has been very unpredictable.

The River Steeping series began around Wainfleet sponsored by Batemans Brewery, Carl Drury Ltd, Teddy Fisher Baits and Lakeside Angling Supplies.

Mick Stamp made his mark winning with a bonus bream along with some small silvers on what was a rising river, placing 8lb 3oz on the scales.

Kev Wilson wasn’t far behind with 7lb 12oz and third was Alex Rawlings with 7lb 1oz 8dr.

Sections – Steve Miles 4lb 5oz 8dr, Nige Butler 5lb 4oz, Ian Brodie/Chris Hodgson 3lb 6oz.

Fen Lakes’ Winter League continued with round six taking place.

Ray Pauley was a stand in and did the business on Meg Lake winning the section with 27lb, John Knight taking the second section with 16lb 2oz.

Over on Fen Lake Dan Pettigrew placed 70lb 9oz on the scales to take the top section.

The bottom section Andy Bull won with 31lb 8oz.

Westwood Lakes have seen their open match attendances drop, but the fishing has remained buoyant compared to many local commercials.

The use of Kingfisher Lake has ensure mixed bags keep the anglers busy.

Adam Swain placed 66lb 2oz of mainly silvers on the scales for a cracking net and win.

Colin Day (58lb 8oz) and Steve Lane (46lb 4oz) completed the frame.

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