Re-jigged Boston Buccaneers side beaten by Sherwood Wolfhunt

Boston Buccaneers 30 Sherwood Wolfhunt 50

Ciaran Thompson.
Ciaran Thompson.

In what has become a familiar problem this season, player unavailability and injuries forced Boston Buccaneers coach Jim Dearing to shuffle the pack and play many players out of position.

George Pomfret and Ciaran Thompson both made debuts.

Sherwood travelled with an impressive team that caused turmoil in the Buccs' defensive line.

Lack of game time and squad training showed and the Buccaneers were on the back foot from the kick off.

Great tackling by Jack Wright, Lew Wilson and Steve Kippax slowed the Wolfhunt attack but ultimately could not stop the inevitable score.

Finding themselves 10-0 down the Buccaneers' attack play was in marked contrast to their defensive set.

Superb field position thanks to captain John Stanfield was exploited further by a rampaging Lew Wilson.

The move was finished off in style by Jack Wright who swan dived his way over the line.

However, defence was to be the Buccaneers downfall when barely two minutes later the blunt Wolfhunt attack paid dividends.

Despite the first half being a largely one-sided affair there were sparks of brilliance from the Buccaneers when they had ball in hand. John Stanfield and Luke Whitby linked up nicely and released Lew Wilson, who would not be stopped from short range.

John Hummel slotted the kick.

A galloping Jake Keeton scored the home side’s last try of the half after great work by Luke Fowler and Chris Cook. At halftime the Buccaneers trailed 14-36.

Injuries were now a concern for the Buccs coaching staff with many players taking knock in the first half at the hands of an aggressive Wolfhut pack.

Only two minutes into the second half penalties gave the visitor great field position scoring easily from close range.

The Buccaneers rallied and again showed some superb rugby Jimmy Underwood shipping the ball out to Luke Whitby who picked out a grateful Jack Wright who finished well under the posts.

There was then a period with both teams exchanging penalties, nether able to make headway.

Paul Lucas made some punishing runs into Wolfhunt territory but mid-way through the second half the Wolfhunt were again knocking on the Buccaneers door hoping to extend their lead but a loose ball was scooped up by Jack Wright to run the length of the pitch and score.

With the score at 26-40 time was running out for the home side.

Injuries to injury Jimmy Underwood, John Stanfield and Dan Piggins put paid to any hope the Buccaneers had of a comeback although a consolation try was scored by Jake Keeton at the death to end the game 30-50.

For a superb performance at Hooker in his first game of rugby league the Brothertoft Build Ltd Man of the Match was awarded to Ciaran Thompson.

Buccaneers: J. Stanfield, L. Wilson, J. Keeton, L Fowler, D. Piggins, G. Baldwin, C. Thompson, L. Whitby, C. Cook, J. Rules, G. Pomfret, R. Lloyd, P. Lucas, J. Hummel, J. Underwood, S. Kippax, R. Cuthbertson, J. Wright, M. Cuthbertson.

Photo: man of the match Ciaran Thompson