‘Who or what are you grateful for?’ – Help create artwork inspired by Boston’s lockdown experience

Residents in Boston are being invited to help shape a new piece of art inspired by the town’s experience of the coronavirus lockdown.
Project producer Steven Hatton.Project producer Steven Hatton.
Project producer Steven Hatton.

‘more than a-part’ is envisaged as a portrait of the town in (and as it emerges from) the restrictions relating to Covid-19.

It is being organised by Transported, the local arts body operated by the University of Lincoln.

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Townspeople are invited to share their stories from lockdown and thoughts on who or what they are grateful for.

“It is a chance to celebrate acts of kindness, special relationships and treasured spaces,” a spokesman for Transported said.

Participants can contribute to the piece simply through conversation, but are also welcome to create elements to be incorporated into it.

“The resulting artworks will form a ‘tapestry’ of individual experiences using cyanotypes, an early Victorian photographic process,” the spokesman continued. “This will form a lasting testament to Boston’s lockdown experience and the people and places who helped residents through this time.”

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The conversations will take place by phone, FaceTime, or Skype with the project producer, Steven Hatton of Electric Egg.

To get involved, email Steve on [email protected] or message Transported on its social media platforms.

The artwork is part of Transported’s CREATE-on programme, a way of helping people in Boston and South Holland stay creative during the lockdown – and for free. To get involved, visit the Current Projects section of www.transportedart.com