CINEMA REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This sequel to 2012’s enjoyable reboot is a surprisingly paint-by-numbers entry that is saved by a shock ending.
Amazing Spider Man 2Amazing Spider Man 2
Amazing Spider Man 2

It doesn’t suffer from Spider-man 3 syndrome but it fails to particularly excite unless Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s chemistry is working on-screen. This second film seems more of another build-up story – at least four movies featuring Garfield have been announced – with Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx (Ray) underwhelming as villain Electro.

While there’s much to enjoy from this sequel, there’s an underlying rushed feel – acclaimed director Marc Webb had to get this out less than two years after the first – that leaves a slightly unsatisfactory and disjointed taste.

That is until the surprise ending – that only comic-book fans will really pick up – which leads into a short bonus entry for The Rhino (Paul Giamatti) – probably more of a set-up for a spin-off villainous Sinister Six movie than anything else.

Thankfully, Garfield, Stone and DeHaan, are charismatic enough to pull you into Spidey’s web – with several action set-pieces and heartwarming scenes generally doing enough to make the enjoyment stick.

Sadly this Spider-man is still well short of amazing and with Marvel raising the bar with Avengers Assemble and the recent Captain America movie, this really lacked that venomous bite.

3/5 stars

Review by Gavin Miller