National retailer submits plans for former Marks & Spencer unit in Boston

A national retailer has submitted plans for the former Marks & Spencer unit in Boston.

Marks & Spencer after its proposed closure was announced in 2019.

Poundland has applied to Boston Borough Council for new illuminated fascia signs to the front and side of the building in Market Place.

The documents submitted to the council reveal plans not just for a Poundland store, but a base for Pep&Co too – Poundland’s clothing arm.

Marks & Spencer closed in Boston in April of 2019, despite a campaign to save it.

Documents submitted to the council with branding not just for Poundland, but Pep&Co too.

It brought to an end more than 100 years of history in the town for the retailer.

However, the charity later moved to Boston’s Pescod Square Shopping Centre, re-opening in April of this year. It took on the unit previously held by fashion retailer Yours and before that Officer’s Club.

Pep&Co is not a stranger to Boston, having also had a unit in Pescod Square for some time.

The documents submitted to the council do not reveal Poundland’s plans for its existing store in Boston, located in Pescod Square.

A closing down sale has, meanwhile, been under way at the B&M site in Lincoln Lane.