Visitors to coast from Midlands amongst 'politest' online in the country

Visitors to the coast from Midlands cities are amongst the politest online in the country, according to new data.

Data has been gathered to find the cities who swear the most online. Photo: Reboot Digital PR

The city that swears the least online is Sheffield with an average of 35 swears for every 1,000 comments.

The second politest city analysed was Nottingham, just above Sheffield with an average of 37 swear words per 100 comments.

However, Leicester ranks 11th the top 20 cities who swear the most online, with 51 swears per 1,000 comments, and Derby is 13th with 46.

Using the dedicated subreddits for the 20 most populated cities in the UK, Reboot Digital PR analysed the number of swear words used in relation to the total comments to find out which city swears the most online.

For most people, swearing is part of our everyday vocabulary.

It has even been suggested that people who swear more are smarter, more honest and more creative.

Whether you believe that or not, it’s hard to avoid coming across expletive language, especially online.

And with Brits known for being foul-mouthed, Reboot Digital PR were left wondering which UK cities are most guilty of breaking out the profanities.

Reboot has revealed that the city that swears the most online is Glasgow, with a whopping average of 109 swear words for every 1,000 comments.

The second most swear-loving city is Liverpool, averaging significantly less swear words than Glasgow at just over 65 total swears per 1,000 comments.

Placing third is Edinburgh, mentioning 58 swear words per 1,000 comments overall - Scotland's second placement in the top three!

Coming in fourth place is London with an average of just under 58 swears for every 1,000 comments, followed by Manchester with an average of nearly 57.

For more information and a breakdown of each city’s most and least used swear words, please see Reboot Digital PR’s blog here: