Audrey's mermaid tale makes a splash

After a gap of four decades, a great-grandmother from Sloothby has published a follow-up to her debut book.
Writer Audrey Angelina. Picture: Nick JohnsonWriter Audrey Angelina. Picture: Nick Johnson
Writer Audrey Angelina. Picture: Nick Johnson

Adventures Of Seaola, A Child Of The Sea is the work of Audrey Angelina, 79.

The children’s book follows a mermaid called Seola, a character which first appeared in Audrey’s 1971 debut book Seola, A Little Mermaid.

At the time Audrey had three children; she would go on to have five and is today grandmother to 17 and great-grandmother to 11.

Audrey says the character of Seola has ‘always been there’ during the intervening years, with her working on stories featuring her.

Now, with more time on her hands, she has looked to get some of them into print, saying: “I thought it was about time we got them published.”

Audrey created the character of Seaola after her first child was born as a story to tell him; inspiration, she said, came from the sea.

She said: “There is a world up above, but no one really knows what’s under the sea,” she said.

She is now working on a second follow-up.

The book – like its predecessor – has been published by Arthur H. Stockwell. It is priced at £7.50.