Celebrating successes of neighbourhood policing teams across Lincolnshire

The work neighbourhood policing teams across Lincolnshire do is being celebrated and highlighted as part of the national Neighbourhood Policing week of action.

Neighbourhood police officers across Gainsborough and the surrounding area strive to make life better and safer for everyone in the communities they serve.

They are problem-solvers, investigators, mediators, they safeguard, they advise on crime prevention.

They are also the people residents turn to when something really serious happens where they live, or work, or where children go to school, or where we have vulnerable members of our communities.

Neighbourhood Policing week of action is highlighting the work of police in the community

The neighbourhood policing teams are made up of police officers who know the people in the areas where they serve, and who know them.

Chief Superintendent Kate Anderson, Lincolnshire Police’s neighbourhood policing strategic lead, said: “Our NPTs understand local challenges and try to find long-term solutions to help overcome them.

"They are the eyes and ears of our communities and the ones who understand what’s going on in specific areas and help to find a resolution that works for as many people as possible.

"Their problem-solving work is one of the vital aspects of their role because it’s this work that can really make a difference to making Lincolnshire safe and to how people feel about where they live.

“Our neighbourhood police officers deal with a range of incidents; they are the people who might help neighbours resolve disputes, or respond to anti social behaviour reports, or offer advice on how to prevent crime, or identify people who might need extra help or support.

"We’re incredibly proud of them because them because they make such a huge difference in making Lincolnshire safe.”

Neighbourhood Policing week of action runs until Sunday, January 23.

Find out more about NPTs by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, using #NeighbourhoodPolicingWeek and #WeekOfAction, or you can visit www.facebook.com/GainsboroughPolice.