Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner condemns “completely mindless idiots” for attacking Sleaford restaurant after England Euro 2020 defeat

Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime commissioner has singled out an incident in Sleaford as an example of how the vandalism by “completely mindless idiots” had spread to smaller towns of England as well as the capital after the Euro 2020 final.

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones.

While commenting on scenes of louts at Wembley stadium and in the streets of London, Marc Jones, the new chairman of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), said disorder had spread to small towns across the country.

He said that in Sleaford, one of Lincolnshire’s “safest, loveliest towns”, an Italian restaurant, (Tiamo in the Market Place) was targeted following England’s loss in the final.

“Furniture, trellises and planters in the seating area outside were smashed,” said Mr Jones. “Completely mindless idiots - they were smashing an Italian restaurant that serves their own community. How do you deal with people who think that is ok?”

At a press conference on Thursday Mr Jones said it appeared that “something just switches” for normally law-abiding people during major football matches, and urged communities to hold them to account.

He urged: “You really need to get people and be very public saying ‘these are who the people are who did this thing’. Let their friends, family, employers, colleagues see who they are.”

He said that in Sleaford, one of Lincolnshire’s “safest, loveliest towns”, an Italian restaurant was targeted following England’s loss in the final.

Police forces are still gathering information about incidents where Italian people were targeted over the match, with random attacks on Italians.

Lincolnshire Police said they had recorded 25 reports of football related incidents on the night, but there had been 53 incidents recorded in the county after the Germany game.

Following an appeal for witnesses to vandalism caused at Tiamo on Sunday evening, a force spokesman had said: “The incident at Tiamo appears to be three youths who have caused minor damage after climbing over trellising into their courtyard.

“One has already been identified from enquiries and is being dealt with by police.”

The spokesman also acted to play down the reports of disorder in the town on the night: “It has come to our attention that reports have circulated of a ‘rampage’ and significant damage being caused. This is not the case.

“We were fortunate to see very low levels of football related disorder in North Kesteven this weekend, but as ever, if you have any concerns or further information please make contact with your local neighbourhood policing team and bring your concerns to our attention.”

Police are investigating racist social media posts targeting three England football players following the match and the government has announced that it will extend Football Banning Orders so online abusers can be banned from stadiums for up to 10 years. Five people have been arrested so far and further arrests are expected.

The had also been condemnation after booing during the Danish national anthem in the semi-final and allegations of a laser pen being shone at the Danish goalkeeper before the penalty that saw England win the match.